Sunday, 1 January 2012


St.Joseph's CCR Vidhyanilayam,with medium of instruction both Telugu and English belongs to the society of Catechist sisters of St.Ann. it owes its existence to the inspiration and guidance of Celestine Gali,former superior General of society, and late Rev,Fr.Carlo Bonvio who laid the foundation in the year 1975. The school which begain with a meagre strength of 25 students and three class rooms is full fledged High School today imparting quality education both Telugu and English media and with improved infrastructure.
if St.Joseph's CCR Vidhyanilayam is what it is today, it is due to the dedication, integrity and enthusiasm of the teaching and the non-teaching staff of our school. The concerted and combination effort of our Management and the staff created an atmospher conducive to the intellectual and emotional growth of the students. Our teachers strive their best to inculcate intellectual curiosity, moral uprightness and spiritual values in us. Our managment always realizing the needs to keep the staff abreast if the latest trends in the feild of education
Most important goal of our institution is to educate and form the students to be useful and responsible citizines of our nations and to enable us contribute towards a peaceful and purposeful life by developing integrated personalites.
Character formation is the suprem aim of education in our school .Hence moral instructions is imparted to the students. Seperate classes are condected for moral instruction. Students are encouraged to read the life stories of great saints and sages to imbibe the sprit of britherhood and self sacrifice pratised by the students...

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