Saturday, 26 May 2012

Blood Donation Drive for Thalassemia Children on 20.05.12

 Hi Friends

We called many….

Sent messages to lot of people…

Forwarded detailed mails to all the contacts…

Posted in Face Book and other Social Networking Sites….Many Shares & likes……

We requested them to come at least for Awareness on this Thalassemia disorder….

But finally very few kind hearts responded ….

Totally 63 People turned up to donate their Blood, in which 53 members are eligible and donated Blood….

Our Special thanks to all the Volunteers, Donors who responded immediately and gave a hope to the Thalassemia affected children & Society by Donating Blood/Organizing the event/Spreading the thought/Motivating Donors….

In a Team's success every one's hand/work is important either small or big...

Our Special Appreciations to Raghava, Surendra & Durga Prasad who worked hard in motivating Donors....

and our new volunteers Sudeepthi, Swarna, Siva Sankar Reddy for motivating their Friends......

May God Bless You all…

PICS                                                        PICS 2

Volunteers who donated Blood
Supporting Volunteers
S. Srinivasa Prasad Rao
S.Srinivasa kumar
Ch.Pavan Kumar
Vakati. Sarath Chandra
T. Uma Sankar
K.Naga Sravan Kumar
V.Rajkiran Reddy
K. Nalini
N.V.Narendra Kumar
S.Shiva Krishna
G.Sampath Kumar
D. Prabha
M.Venkateswara Reddy
B.N.J.Pavan Kumar
N.V.Rama Kanth Reddy
Akram Syed
M.Srikanth Kumar Singh
C. Nagendra
R. Rama Chandra Raju
A.Viswanadh Reddy
Oruganti. Durga Prasad
Ch.Vamsi Krishna
M.N.R.R.V. Srikanth
J.Durga Prasad
Ch.Harinadh Chowdhary
Total Attended - 63
Mohd Javeed
Mohd Taufiq Hussain
Ravindranath Reddy
S.Keerthi Susmitha
V.Sriram Rahi
Total Donors - 53
YVS.Rama Kumar
M.Sravan Kumar
K.Rama Krishna
Vikram Myadam
Siva Sankar Reddy

Please Note : We adopted One Child and will extend our partial financial support of Rs.1,500/-PM for her medicines. We have donated cheque of 3,000/- for 2 months for this child. Need more donors, as it is a costly disorder… 

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We didn't find even a single kid in the society who is doing Blood Transfusion on 20th May Sunday in the total 1300 Thalassemia affected children registered in the society…we enquired why it's happened? And Stunned after listening their words….. 

"1300 Children's are ready for Transfusion but Blood is not available"…..

We have no words. These tells the story. We realized how valuable our single unit of Blood donations is…Even our Single Unit makes a difference in a Life of one Kid… 

Please come forward & donate Blood to save these little kids.

These Little Kinds needs U...Their life's depends on U i.e. DONOR…

Thalassemia Society & its staff are really doing a marvelous job. Kudos to their efforts. Special Thanks to Dr Suman Jain,Smt.Durga,Mr.Alim Beg,Mr.Siva & other staff for their selfless deeds..

Love all - Serve all

Sarvaraju. Srinivasa Prasad Rao
Founder & President (9177999263)
Amma Social Welfare Association

Smiling, Sharing, Loving, Caring and Helping are my five main weaknesses
సందేహిస్తుంటే అతిగా సంకల్పం నెరవేరదుగా-ఆలోచన కన్నా త్వరగా అడుగేద్దాం ఆరంభంగా...


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