Friday, 11 May 2012

A Meet to Finalize our Next Year Projects/Activities

Hi all

This Sunday we are going to Meet to Finalize out Next Year Activities, Tasks & Projects


  • Reviewing/Revising Current Year Projects
  • Discussion of considering New Projects/Activities (in Villages & Schools)
  • Allocating Volunteers to their Interested Projects
  • All other Resources Available & Required
  • Budget required and Finance available


Requesting every Volunteer who is ready to Spend 1 Hour in a Month to Turn Up to the Meet  (OR)  Who are interested to Plan our Activities Can also Participate.


Venue: 13th May Sunday, 7 to 8 PM @ ESI PARK



Love all - Serve all

Sarvaraju. Srinivasa Prasad Rao
Founder & President (9177999263)
Amma Social Welfare Association


Smiling, Sharing, Loving, Caring and Helping are my five main weaknesses

సందేహిస్తుంటే అతిగా సంకల్పం నెరవేరదుగా-ఆలోచన కన్నా త్వరగా అడుగేద్దాం ఆరంభంగా...


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