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 Lepakshi Temple - Anantapur
Lepakshi Temple

About Lepakshi Temple

Lepakshi, which is famous for its rich fine arts and architectural beauty, is situated in Ananthapur district 120 km. away from the district headquarters and 12 km. from Hindupur. The carvings on stone at Lepakshi Temple are of such mesmeric quality that one is left wondering at the mind boggling talent of the sculptors. The of Lepakshi is indescribable.

Above all, the 6 ft. height and 8 mt.length monolithic "Nandi" (the bull) sculpture which is said to be the biggest monolithic Nandi in India, is synonymous with ancient Lepakshi. The majestic Shilpakala of Nandi sculpture is inexplicable and it is a feast for the eyes. Lepakshi is both a tourist place worth a visit as well as a pilgrimage centre in South India. It is centrally located between Hindupur and Kodikonda check post.

During the month of February a 10 day long celebration including the car festival is conducted in the temple. During the festival Lepakshi is packed with pilgrims from all over the country.
Nandi at Lepakshi

Lepakshi 1

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The Bull at Lepakshi


The Bull at Lepakshi

Lepakshi Hang Pillar

Veerabhadra Temple

Lepakshi Nandi Back

Lepakshi Nandi Head

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