Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's World Sparrow Day

It may annoy many of us, "A special day for sparrows!!!Is it necessary??".
Miserably, the day is  mostly  not meant to honor the bird , but  to seek the attention of people towards alarming decline of sparrow population.

Of all countless factors contributing to this situation; lack of nesting places is the primary one. Urban areas, turning into concrete jungles hardly provide any nesting sites. Adversely use of chemical pesticides in farm lands is endangering the bird's life.

Once upon a time,sparrow used to be the most frequently observable bird.Whether it might be through urbanization , deforestation or construction of apartments , man is threatening its existence . Its our responsibility to take necessary measures to safeguard the "common house sparrow" from extinction.

Adopting a nest box is the minimal effort one can put to contribute the cause so that a day might not arise where we need to visit a zoo to sight a sparrow.

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