Friday, 24 January 2014

My Personal Request - Job or Job Referral or Related Info needed

Hi Friends

Urgent Help Required

2 of our Active Volunteers are in need of jobs. They are active and very dedicated. Showing a path to Professional Career not only saves their families but also boost their helping nature.....

  • P. Naveen Kumar - B. Tech-SAP ABAP-3+ - 9849685946
  • Naga Babu-B.Tech- Java-2.7 Years of Exp - 9032840686

Pl help them by referring. These 2 are very closely associated with ASWA and their continuous dedicated services are one of the reason for our Activities.


If we support them, then they can become few of the change makers of this society, I am sure. I am observing him more than couple of years.

I request  every member to give SMS/ MAIL me any job opening details (regardless of Job type or salary). So that I can forward it to many of our volunteers who are in need.


When we are unable to Social Service directly, at least we will try to support the Volunteers who are doing it with great dedication.


Love all-Serve all

AMMA Srinivas

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