Saturday, 26 April 2014


1.Language : Don’t we feel that
the ability to Read and Understand is by itself a wonderful motivating factor which tremendously enhance the childs learning abilities
1a. Basic Competencies : Reading and Writing Skills
Need : The ability to read and understand is by itself a wonderful motivating factor for children to read everything that comes their way and it can tremendously enhance their learning abilities. It is natural that children who cannot read find schooling a tedious exercise and wish to stay away from books and school. Children need to be helped to appreciate the importance of reading and understanding a language and this has to begin with one's mother tongue. (Children who are good at reading one language will naturally acquire the ability to learn and appreciate other languages too). This can be done only through motivating them to read interesting stories (strictly no academic books) written in simple language. The children who cannot read their mother tongue (read it as telugu) by themselves find it difficult to understand what they are learning and hence cannot involve themslves in the learning exercise that happens at school. This very quickly extinguishes their interest in the study of not only telugu but also their other subjects. They feel handicapped even to search for what is interesting for them to learn.  As most of them are not comfortable in reading telugu(considering telugu as the medium of instruction) they do not enjoy the learning process that happens mostly in the mother tongue in the school. To make things worse, in the public schools,the children rarely find a person who can really identify their innate skiils and talent and can guide them and so they slowly begin to stay away from school.
Remedy : We need to encourage the children to read books of their own choice at their own pace with out correcting their mistakes and without asking them to reproduce or remember what they have learnt. We should involve them in various activities in which they are interested and which will entice them to books and read them by themselves. The children shall be facilitated to read story books of their choice in the first phase for at least 45 minutes a day in the Pre-Schooling session and as a continuation to it they shall be asked to share with their friends for 15 minutes the interesting things they have read in the books. This they shall do sitting in groups which will familarise the group with the contents in other books and motivates them to read other books the next day.  This whole exercise shall be monitored and coordinated by a Vidya Volunteer.
Activity : Children in groups  distributing books – Two or three shall speak on this during the assembly – Children distributing books during their leasure time and hence utilising the time effectively. With out distributing their regular schedule and their games period.
Resources : Graded story books, Children magazines,
Indicators of Improvement: Retention of the strength in the Pre-Schooling sessions shall itself be a strong indicator (Children, if not interested in reading books will not attend the Pre-School). Children shall be assessed through a written test prepared as per the blue print enclosed. The question paper shall be prepared to assess the stated competencies by any person authorised by a monitoring team at mandal level constituted for the purpose. A base line test shall be conducted before the execution of the project work and later it shall be conducted once in every six months and their performance shall be recorded and approved by the monitoring committee. This helps to track the improvement in the learning of the children and take remedial measures if necessary.
Publishing of articles in magazines and news papers

1b. Self Motivation : Creativity and Drawing
Need : School has to identify and hone the creative skills present in a student. If this is not done the children with a potential for creative expression get demotivated to attend school. Mere writing or copying from the books is a dull and dreary exercise for them that kills their enthusiasm and makes them lose interest in going to school.
Remedy : Asking all the children everyday to draw what they like and exhibiting their works in the school for all the other students to see shall be very motivating for the children who are gifted with such skills. If the same is admired and appreciated by the enlightened and important people of the society on a special occasion, it will be a tremendous boost to the children and will  increase their interest in going to school and also in sharpening their skills.
Indicators of Improvement:
1. Proper maintenance of drawing books by the students with pictures drawn everyday. 
2.The drawing exhibitions organised in every balasabha. 
3.Participation and Performance of the students in Balasabha. 


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