Saturday, 26 April 2014


2.Logic : Don’t we feel that
the children without basic competencies in Arithmetic cannot participate in teaching and learning process of their standard academic mathematics

Basic Competencies : Arithmatic Skills
Need : The children without basic competencies in arithmatic cannot participate in teaching and learning process of their standard academic mathematics. If efforts are not made in the direction of helping them acquire these basic competencies there will be no value addition to their presence in the class room. As they do not understand what they are learning and why, they gradually lose interest in attending the classes and in course of time turn their attention towards other things and thus end up as drop-outs even after attending the school for sometime.
Remedy : The children shall be facilitated to aquire basic competencies in arithmatic by allowing them to do and practice and learn in groups in the post schooling session for one hour a day monitored and coordinated by a Vidya Volunteer. He/She shall be paid a Performance Based Incentive (PBI) for the improvement of the child @ 10 rupees/ability/child. Because of the PBI he/she shall search for all the possible ways to create interest and bring improvement in the children.
Indicators of Improvement : Children shall be assessed in these competencies (A list of basic competencies are enclosed) through the written tests prepared as per the blue print enclosed here. The question paper shall be prepared to assess the  stated competencies by any person authorised by a monitoring team at mandal level constituted for the purpose. A base line test shall be conducted before the execution of the project work and later it shall be conducted once in every month and their performance shall be recorded and approved by the monitoring committee. This helps to track the improvement in the learning of the children and take remedial measures if necessary.


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