Friday, 23 January 2015

Shaik Bagdad,Minority Municipal Co-operative Member,Kodada,Nalgonda district

Name                           :Shaik Bagdad
Father Name               :SK.Janmiya
Contact Number         :9392524319 
Address                        :H.No.4-194 
                                        Kousar nagar, 
                                       Nalgonda Dist,508206.
Occupation                  :Business                                                     
Active in Politicis From: 1989
Political Party Name     : Congress
Present Status:Minority Municipal Co-operative                                                    member  
Position in party            : Town Upadhyakshudu
  •  He is Kabaddi Association Vice President.
  •  He Participated in Kabaddi State level in 1998.        

Personal Infomation:
  •   His wife name is Hameeda.
  •  He has two children named Huna and Suraj.

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